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Welcome to Sudanese International Organization

11984357 770635196376254 782509986 o-4We play music and gospel music to rise the money to help poor people children Christian Academy poor girls, boys.

We doing this with event for funding rising dear friends and relatives and family members and others please make your donation and contribute to help your children and adults to the non profit Sudanese International Organization P.O box 7630 portland Maine 04112.

See the full image of our products for example pictures of doors and windows and beds and gas stations for sale and some other stuff like books written by us for sale.

Welcome to the SIO non profit 
P O 7630, Portland Maine 04112
(5) (c) 3
Phone number 2073479967

Support our organization by submitting a donation, please click here.

To listen to Charles' Gospel Music, please click here.

Click here to learn more about South Sudan child soldiers.